Frequently Asked Questions! What’s in the box? How does Cloud work? Our compilation of your questions and our answers.

Find QR Code

UID and QR Code are one and the same. The QR Code is the machine readable version of the UID. Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera UID, QR code, and MAC number are printed on labels. The labels can be found at the end of [...]

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How does Cloud work

Motion Detection Recording Cloud cameras send images and videos when they a detect motion event. A 3 second pre-record captures the activity leading up to the motion triggering event. While this results in a short delay on live view, it allows the motion activated video clip to tell a more complete story of [...]

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What’s in the box?

NCP2475se, NCP2475e NCP2255si, NCP2255i Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera with Antenna Camera Mount with Screw Set Weatherproof Junction Box with Screw Kit Power Adapter ( 120V AC to 12V DC) (NEMA1) RJ45 Network Cable Wireless Indoor Security [...]

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