Motion Detection Tuning uses the two parameters threshold and sensitivity.

Adjusting threshold and sensitivity allows fine tuning motion detection to prevent false alarms.


Relates to the size of the object.

When the threshold is high, only large objects (e.g. a vehicle) will be detected.

An object is considered large when it dominates the scene.

A large object, like a far away vehicle, is considered small until it gets closer to the camera.


Sensitivity determines the amount of activity needed to trigger a motion event.

With the sensitivity set higher, smaller amounts of motion will trip an alarm.

When the sensitivity is lowered, more activity is needed to detect motion.

Adjusting Threshold and Sensitivity

Each camera scene is different and requires its individual motion detection tuning.

Before starting the motion detection tuning process make sure the camera is securely mounted.

We recommend small, incremental steps over a few day period to find the right motion detection setting.

Motion Detection Tuning Troubleshooting

Problem Solution
Too many motion
1.) If small objects (e.g. cat, squirrel) are triggering motion then increase the threshold so that only larger objects will trigger

2.) If wavering trees are triggering motion then decrease the sensitivity so that more activity is required

3.) Use motion windows to block off nuisance areas of the scene such as background traffic

Not enough motion
1.) Increase sensitivity

2.) Decrease threshold

Ensure alarm windows are covering areas of the scene that would be triggered by the missing event.