Archive Storage

Online Storage vs Archive Storage

Online Storage

Online Storage is cyclic in nature. Newer media replaces older media as the Online Storage fills up. Online Storage is always readily available on

Archive Storage

Archived storage accumulates media offsite in daily buckets. The minimum storage period is 90 days. The maximum is months or years. Archived storage is not directly accessible and must must be initiated through a retrieval operation. Upon retrieval, archived storage is copied into Online Storage for 7 days.

Budget Savvy Archive Storage

NetCamPro’s archival storage is budget savvy with a low price for storing, and a higher price for retrieving. Most importantly the majority of users rarely retrieve older footage. As a result users generally pay the lower price. However there is the piece of mind knowing that historical media is available.

Archive storage costs 1 cent/month/GB. For example, to provide 90 days of archiving for 1GB/day would use 90 * 1GB = 90GB of storage. Consequently this would cost $10.80/year ($0.90/month).

Online storage is $1/month/GB. 90GB of online storage would cost $1,080/year ($90/month).

Retrieving the media for a given day costs $5. The cost of 10 retrieval tokens is $30 ($3 each).

Retrieving Archive Storage takes about 30 minutes. The system sends an email upon completion. Archive storage gets added to Online Storage for 7 days.

Archive Capacity Management

Average usage regulates archive storage capacity. Motion cameras have their busy days and quiet days. For example, if the total archived storage is 90GB spread over 90 days, the average daily limit would be 1GB/day. If 0.5GB of media is received from the camera for 3 days. Then 2.5GB of media on the forth day. Therefore the average usage would be 1GB/day (0.5+0.5+0.5+2.5=4GB/4days).

Excessive Archive Media Handling

The system stops archiving for the rest of the day when the average archive usage exceeds the maximum. An email is sent to the user when this occurs. More storage may be purchased or the email may just be ignored as a one-time event.

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