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Wireless and PoE IP/Network DIY cameras for indoor and outdoor. Micro SD storage included. Suited for industrial, commercial, and residential installations. Live view accessible by iOS and Android devices, Mac OSX, and Windows computers. All live view software is freely available. All parameters configurable through an internal administration website.

Record Camera UID

Record your camera's UID in your Cloud account. Once the UID is recorded, it is displayed as a QR code that can be scanned by a mobile device. Copy the QR code image for future reference and documentation. Step 1 Show the Details of your Cloud camera and click "Record UID [...]

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New Models

Now available! If you're looking for a solid metal mini bullet outdoor camera, check out our new models. Try the all new NCP2475se featuring a Sony Exmor 2MP Image Sensor and a dedicated hardware H.264 Video Codec Engine. Thanks to its new sensor, images and videos quality better than ever. The high dynamic [...]

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CES2017 Special

Get our latest models in a greatly discounted bundle as our 2017 CES Special! Only until January 10th and while supplies last! Bundle 1 1x NCP2475se Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera 1x NCP2255si Wireless Indoor Security Camera 1yr Starter Cloud Plan [...]

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Low Bandwidth Cloud Camera

The ability to use low bandwidth is the smart part about any network camera. Lowering the bandwidth impact preserves network resources leaving more room for other data. Preserving resources is achieved by only sending what matters. Cloud cameras are set to record on motion detection by default. This approach has two major advantages. [...]

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Find QR Code

UID and QR Code are identical. The QR Code is the machine readable version of the UID. Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera UID, QR code, and MAC number are printed on labels. The labels can be found at the end of the camera's breakout cable [...]

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How does Cloud work

Store And Forward Store and forward is a media loss prevention mechanism that protects pictures and videos during an Internet or WiFi outage. In the case where the camera cannot connect to the Cloud, all files are temporarily buffered and stored on the built-in Micro SD card. When connectivity is restored, all [...]

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What’s in the box?

NCP2475se, NCP2475e NCP2255si, NCP2255i Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera with Antenna Camera Mount with Screw Set Weatherproof Junction Box with Screw Kit Power Adapter ( 120V AC to 12V DC) (NEMA1) RJ45 Network Cable Wireless Indoor Security [...]

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Compare NetCamPro

Outdoor IP cameras have become increasingly popular. Affordable prices in the $300 range make it possible to own a high quality product that can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential environments. Compare NetCamPro Outdoor to other Outdoor IP Cameras. The chart below takes the most popular outdoor cameras and looks at features and [...]

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Lifetime Recording

Lifetime Recording? Yes! Every NetCamPro camera includes a lifetime subscription to the Basic Cloud Plan. Over their lifetime, cameras can be added or removed from Basic Cloud at any time and at no charge. Basic Cloud Plan The Basic Cloud Plan holds the last [...]

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Power over Ethernet

Choosing the right PoE injector Most used devices for delivering Power over Ethernet: Single Port PoE Injector Multi Port PoE Injector Switch with dedicated PoE Ports A Single Port PoE Injector is in most cases the easiest and most cost efficient [...]

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