High Definition (HD) Plans

Why HD storage?

Keep your security footage sharp and save at a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 @ 30 frames per second. Make every detail count for when you need it.

NetCamPro Cloud works best with a NetCamPro camera. Got a different camera? Not a problem!

NetCamPro Cloud understands virtually any network camera that supports the FTP protocol.

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New straightforward Pricing: $1.00 / GB / Month

Plans start at 2.5GB up to whopping 30GB! Upgrade or downgrade at any time!

Plan Size

(Images & Videos)


(Billed annually)

2.5GB $30
5GB $60
7.5GB $90
10GB $120
12.5GB $150
15GB $180
17.5GB $210
20GB $240
25GB $300
30GB $360
  • Supports Full HD Videos

  • Supports Full HD Images

  • FTP Access

  • Volume Based

  • Cyclic Storage

  • Email Motion Alerts

  • Invite And Share Functionality

  • Custom Image Query

  • Multi Camera Quota Split

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FTP Recording for Axis Y-Cam D-Link Foscam IPX Vivotek SV3C network cameras

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