This tutorial describes the archive retrieval process in detail.

The Archive Retrieval function copies media for a given camera/day from Archive Storage to Online Storage.

Retrieved Archive Media Storage media remains in the Online Storage for 7 days.

Archive Retrieval Tokens

Each Archive Retrieval fetch operation requires an Archive Retrieval Token. These tokens can be purchased within the NetCamPro Cloud Application. Archive Retrieval Tokens never expire and remain in the user’s account until used.

  • 1x Token for $5.
  • 4x Tokens for $20 ($4 each).
  • 10x Tokens for $30 ($3 each).

Step by Step Archive Retrieval Tutorial

From the home screen select the camera to retrieve archived media from, then click the Archives button.

Use the –Please Select Month– drop down to pick the subject month. Subsequently each day of the month shows the number of pictures and videos available. Click the check box in each subject day. Consequently the system uses one Archive Retrieval Token for each.

Click the Retrieve Archived Media button at the bottom of the page.

Review the list of subject files and click the Retrieve Archives button at the bottom of the page. As a result the fetching process is initiated. However, once started, this process cannot be stopped.

Upon completion an email is sent containing the link to the retrieved archive. Retrieved media will appear in the Hourly Breakdown alongside the Online Storage.

In addition the media will show up on the NetCamPro Home Screen. Click Show Breakdown and then More History to see a listing of all the media that is online.