Terms And Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions only apply to cameras that are using NetCamProCloud (“the system”).
  2. Users agree to only use cameras that have been configured using the system’s Cloud Setup Wizard.
  3. Users agree to keep user IDs and passwords private and confidential.
  4. NetCamPro (“the vendor”) agrees to keep all images, videos, and information about the user private and confidential. The vendor will only use the user’s email address for communications that are part of conducting the business of providing service. Individual user information will not be shared with any third parties that are not directly involved in providing the service. As an example minimal limited user information is shared with the cloud computing hosting companies that provide resources for the system. Without this sharing the system could not operate.
  5. The vendor’s support staff does not have access to the user’s media files unless the customer specifically shares the camera with them using the Cloud sharing functions. The support staff does have access to information about the media files (eg. how many are online and when last sent), but not the images and videos themselves.
  6. The user agrees to disconnect any camera that the vendor determines is behaving in a way that degrades the service experience of other users.
  7. The user owns all media files issued by the cameras that they configure and send to the system. The vendor will not share, publish, or distribute user media files other than through the Cloud share mechanism built into the system. View sharing allows the user (at their sole discretion) to grant/revoke other individuals password protected viewing rights on a one by one basis.
  8. The system provides functions that allow the user to delete media files. Deleted images and videos are purged from the system and cannot be recovered.
  9. The vendor implements the maximum image quota on each account by purging (deleting) the oldest media files until the media file count is at the quota threshold. This operation is performed automatically as part of system maintenance. Deleted media files are purged from the system and cannot be recovered.
  10. The user agrees to be responsible for all content of all cameras that they configure to send media to the system. The user agrees to indemnify and save harmless the vendor in the event that the content of the media files being received by the system from the user’s cameras causes offense or violates any law or regulation.
  11. The user acknowledges that a number of third parties are involved in providing this cloud camera recording service that are outside of the vendor’s direct control. These include power utilities, Internet service providers (ISP), and the vendor’s cloud computing service providers and sub-contractors. The vendor shall make its best efforts to achieve 99.9% up time. The user agrees that the vendor cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by service outages, service interruptions, data loss, and media file loss.
  12. The user agrees that if a recording plan is not renewed before it expires that the vendor may purge all media files, without notice, to make room for other users. The user also agrees that the vendor has the option, upon recording plan expiry, to keep the user media files for a further 90 days for the sole purpose of enabling post-expiry reinstatement of the account by the user.
  13. The user agrees that under no circumstance will the vendor be liable for consequential or incidental damages related in any way to this service.
  14. The user is responsible for all Internet fees, bandwidth usage, data volume charges, and other costs related to their use of the system. This includes cameras sending media files to the system as well as usage charges arising from accessing the website to retrieve images. To make an analogy to the physical world, the vendor’s services are provided FOB: the system’s servers. Users who use cellular based Internet should take care that the motion detection function of their network camera(s) is well tuned as to not run up unnecessarily large data usage changes with their ISP.
  15. The user acknowledges that in some legal jurisdictions recording private conversations without consent may be illegal or even criminal. The user is advised to seek legal counsel before deploying cameras, particularly devices that record audio.
  16. We reserve the right to delete the content of Cloud accounts that have not been receiving footage for the last 180 days. This applies to both, free and paid accounts. Camera accounts will remain active on the system.
  17. In the event of a legal dispute this agreement shall be subject to the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.