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Flying Insects and IR Lighting

NetCamPro cameras have built in IR illumination that comes on at night and glows a faint red. It announces to anybody casing your property that you have night vision cameras and is a great deterrent. However while IR light is invisible to humans, it is quite visible to certain flying insects that are attracted [...]

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Cloud Storage Retention Period

Cloud Storage Retention Period The following chart shows the comparative cloud storage retention period when using 1GB of cloud storage. Different camera models and settings (using the NetCamPro Wizard) are listed. Cloud storage is circular: when it fills up the oldest files are automatically removed to make room for the new. . [...]

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Our new models feature a Sony image sensor

NetCamPro advances the technology by incorporating a Sony image sensor and Grain Media video co-processor in our new camera models: NCP2475SE [outdoor] and NCP2255SI [indoor]. These surveillance cameras look just like the older models. However the new cameras are packing more electronics on the inside that deliver superior performance. Sony Image Sensor The first big [...]

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Low Bandwidth Cloud Camera

The ability to use low bandwidth is the smart part about any network camera. Lowering the bandwidth impact preserves network resources leaving more room for other data. Preserving resources is achieved by only sending what matters. Cloud cameras are set to record on motion detection by default. This approach has two major advantages. [...]

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