NetCamPro Setup Cloud Recording

Cloud Prerequisites

This setup only applies to NetCamPro cameras

At this point we assume that your NetCamPro camera has Internet connectivity and that it can be accessed by the NetCamProLive mobile app on your phone or tablet.

We recommend using a computer for setting up Cloud. If you’re planning on using your iPhone or iPad to set up Cloud, please install Dropbox , Google Drive , or iCloud first on your Apple mobile device.

Step 1: Log in to your camera

Every NetCamPro camera has a built in administration web site. This web site can be accessed with a web browser by entering the camera’s IP address in the URL field.

Enter your camera’s IP address into your browser’s URL field (ex.: and click on Settings.


For best compatibility

with the Cloud we recommend using Google Chrome on your Mac, Windows PC, or mobile device.

Where's the IP address?

Find Camera IP Address

For a new camera, use the camera’s default username and password (admin/admin“).


If you are still using the default password we highly encourage you to Change Your Password before continuing with Cloud Setup

Step 2: Backup the configuration file

On Apple iOS devices please use Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud to save the config.cfg file.

On the right hand side, click on Tools (1), Backup or Reset (2), then Backup (3) and save the file called config.cfg on your device.


Do not attempt to open the config.cfg. This file is specific to the cameras and not recognized by other applications. Opening this file might damage it. Rename the file for setting up multiple cameras.

Save the file config.cfg in your Downloads folder.


Step 3: Create the new configuration file

Open a new tab in your browser and go to:

Alternatively type in and click Create an account.


The Cloud Setup Wizard converts your camera’s config.cfg into a second file called new_config.cfg. Enter your Account Email (1), choose the previously downloaded config.cfg (2), accept the terms and conditions (3), and click Upload (4).


The Cloud Setup Wizard will now create your account and send out a notification email.


Check your email and click on Activate Cloud Storage.


Set your 8 digit password, choose your timezone, and click next. You will be redirected to the login page.


Login using your password and your previously created password.


Download and save the new_config.cfg file. Please do not attempt to open the file. Click Return to Home Page.


If you have more than one camera you can rename the config.cfg and new_config.cfg to differentiate between cameras, e.g. cam1-config.cfg and cam1-new_config.cfg.

Saving your new_config.cfg file alongside your initial config.cfg.


Step 4: Restore the configuration file

The new_config.cfg needs to be restored into your camera. Go back to the Network Camera Home Page tab.


On your Network Camera Home Page, click on Tools (1), then Backup or Reset (2). Click Choose File (3) and locate the new_config.cfg, then click Restore (4).


Reboot your camera. Wait 45 seconds for the camera to boot up.


Return to the Cloud (1) homepage. Click the Camera (2) icon to refresh the page.

Trigger motion in front of camera to test sending to the Cloud. First time images can take up to three minutes to arrive.


You successfully completed the Cloud Setup!