Find QR Code

UID and QR Code are identical. The QR Code is the machine readable version of the UID. Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera UID, QR code, and MAC number are printed on labels. The labels can be found at the end of the camera's breakout cable [...]

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How does Cloud work

Store And Forward Store and forward is a media loss prevention mechanism that protects pictures and videos during an Internet or WiFi outage. In the case where the camera cannot connect to the Cloud, all files are temporarily buffered and stored on the built-in Micro SD card. When connectivity is restored, all [...]

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What’s in the box?

NCP2475se, NCP2475e NCP2255si, NCP2255i Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera with Antenna Camera Mount with Screw Set Weatherproof Junction Box with Screw Kit Power Adapter ( 120V AC to 12V DC) (NEMA1) RJ45 Network Cable Wireless Indoor Security [...]

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Live View Setup

Please connect both the power and the Ethernet for first time setup. Once the WiFi on the camera is configured the Ethernet cable can be unplugged. iPad Tap on Add Tap on your discovered camera [...]

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WiFi Setup

Setup WiFi on your NetCamPro using iPhone, iPad, and Android Setup WiFi on your iPhone Tap the blue half circle, then tap the Edit Camera icon Go to Advanced Setting Go to Network Setup Go to WiFi Networks [...]

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Change Camera Password

Three clicks to a more secure camera We highly recommend changing the default password or your camera's admin account. Please consider using at least 8 characters that contains both case letters, numbers, and special characters. We do NOT store, neither have access to [...]

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Cloud Setup

This setup only applies to NetCamPro cameras At this point we assume that your NetCamPro camera has Internet connectivity and that it can be accessed by the NetCamProLive mobile app on your phone or tablet. We recommend using a computer for setting up Cloud. If you’re planning on [...]

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Find Camera IP Address

An IP address is a unique number your camera receives from the modem or router (aka. residential gateway) on your Local Area Network (LAN). It consists of four numbers (octets) that are separated by three dots. The three ranges commonly used by consumer grade network equipment are: 192.168.0.X   172.16.0.X [...]

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NAS Setup

Turn your Network Attached Storage device into a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with the NetCamPro NAS Setup.NetCamPro cameras are compatible with all major NAS manufacturers like QNAP, Synology, Netgear, Buffalo,D-Link, and more. NetCamPro cameras offer two ways of sending and writing images and videos to a NAS. Windows [...]

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Create Camera User

Setup restricted live view user accounts While the camera can only have one admin account, multiple restricted viewing only account can be configured. iPad Go to Edit Camera. Go to Advanced Setting. Go to [...]

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