FTP Camera Recording over the Internet

NetCamPro Cloud (NCPC) is an Internet Video Recorder (IVR) for your network cameras. NetCamPro Cloud works with virtually any network camera that supports the FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Once connected to NCPC your cameras will start sending recorded videos and images to our secure facility located in the United States. As your files are received, NCPC will index and sort your media for easy lookup and retrieval.

Cloud Features

Supported Cameras

Camera/Feature Picture FTP/FTPS Store & Forward Videos & Images Wired WiFi PoE AI Functions IR Night Vision IP Rating Price Where to buy
NetCamPro NCP2475se IP66 amazon.com
SV3C 5MP (2021) IP66 amazon.com
SV3C B01POE-3MPL-A IP66 amazon.com
Axis M2025-LE IP66 amazon.com
Vivotek IB9367-HT IP66 amazon.com
Acti Z33 IP68 amazon.com
D-Link DCS-8302LH N/A
(Outdoor Camera)
Foscam G4 IP66 amazon.com

Storage Types

Online Media

Online Media are pictures and videos that are readily available to be viewed, downloaded, and queried. Online Media storage is cyclic. Older media is removed to make room for new. Online storage costs $1.00 per GB per month.

Archived Media

Days Archive Retention

The Days Archive Retention is the number of days tha the arhives will be kept. Once an archive expires it is deleted. The total amount of archive space is calculated as the Daily Average Archive Limit multiplied by the Days Archive Retention. Archive storage costs $0.01 per GB per month (minimum 90 days).

Daily Average Archive Limit

The Daily Average Archive Limit is the threshold where the system will stop archiving for the rest of the day. The Daily Average Archive Amount is calculated by averaging the GB usage for all the days that are in the archive set. This algorithm allows for motion activated cameras that have very active and very quiet days.

Archived media needs to be retrieved before it can be viewed. Retrieval of all archived media for a given day takes about 30 minutes and requires the redemption of an Archive Retrieval Token. Retrieved media remains in Online Media for 1 week. Archive Retrieval Tokens can be purchased from within the account.

Plan Configuration

$30.00 / year 1.60GB of Media Online
1GB Daily Average Archive Limit
90 Days Archive Retention

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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