Store And Forward

Store and forward is a media loss prevention mechanism that protects pictures and videos during an Internet or WiFi outage. In the case where the camera cannot connect to the Cloud, all files are temporarily buffered and stored on the built-in Micro SD card.

When connectivity is restored, all buffered files are automatically forwarded from the Micro SD to the Cloud. Store and forward requires that a Class 10 Micro SD with at least 4GB of free space be installed in the camera. Cloud mode will not operate unless the Micro SD is installed. In the event of a power failure the buffered media is retained on the Micro SD indefinitely.

NetCamPro Chart StoreAndForward How does Cloud Work?

During network outages files accumulate on the SD. Store and forward uses the Micro SD as a temporary buffer.

Motion Detection Recording

Cloud cameras send images and videos when they a detect motion event. A 3 second pre-record captures the activity leading up to the motion triggering event. While this results in a short delay on live view, it allows the motion activated video clip to tell a more complete story of what happened.

Cloud cameras favor vector movement (objects moving along a path) as opposed to wavering (a tree bending in the wind) when analyzing the video stream for motion events.

NetCamPro Motion Event Duration How does Cloud work?

Cloud Cameras record 1min long video clips and take a picture every 7 seconds for the duration of a motion event. They are also set to a three second prerecord time.

Cloud Image Player

The Cloud Image Player is the fully web based NetCamPro Cloud image viewer and video downloader.

It is responsive and works on all modern browsers and operating systems.

NetCamPro Cloud Image Player How does Cloud work?




How does Cloud work

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