Cloud Image Player

The Cloud Image Player is a link to a user defined set of camera footage.

This link can be copied and shared with others.

Bookmark the link and open anytime to access the latest videos and images from your camera.

Desktop and mobile friendly player interface. Scales images down to display size before sending.

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Live View

NetCamPro cameras feature a super simple QR code setup.

Set up and try our Demo Cam City Neighborhood!

Step 1: Download the free app

Step 2: Add camera by QR code

Need help setting up Live View?

Account: demo

Password: demo


Demo Cam City Neighborhood

The demo cam city neighborhood demonstrates the practical use of a camera. The cameras detects motion and sends the recorded footage to the Cloud. On the Cloud, files are indexed and stored. The Cloud Image Player displays the latest motion activated images that were stored on the Cloud. This particular demo camera is configured to only send images. By default, NetCamPro cameras record and send both images and videos to the Cloud at the same time.

Learn more at How does Cloud work?