Wireless/PoE Outdoor Security Camera

NetCamPro Outdoor Find QR Code Cable Labels UID Password SN MAC

UID, QR code, and MAC number are printed on labels. The labels can be found at the end of the camera’s breakout cable close to the RJ45 and 12V DC jack.

Wireless Indoor Security Camera

NetCamPro Indoor Find QR Code Label UID Password SN MAC

Turn over the indoor camera to find its UID, QR Code, and  MAC address labels.

Find QR Code

QR Code and UID are unique to each camera. They are a key component for the camera and the live view software to find each other over the Internet and through firewalls. The live view software and the camera are using Peer To Peer (P2P) technology. An intermediary server connects the viewing device to the camera.

Tip: The UID can also be found on the System Information page after logging into the Internal Administration Website.

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