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Create Camera User

Setup restricted live view user accounts

NetCamPro Create Camera User Featured

Restricted viewing users

While the camera can only have one admin account, multiple restricted viewing only account can be configured.


NetCamPro Create Camera User (1)

Go to Edit Camera.

NetCamPro Create Camera User (2)

Go to Advanced Setting.

NetCamPro Create Camera User (3)

Go to Login Account.

NetCamPro Create Camera User (4)

Go to Add.

NetCamPro Create Camera User (5)

Enter the new user name and the new password.

NetCamPro Create Camera User (6)

The new user was added to the Login Account list.

Create Camera User

Additional viewing only user accounts can be set up if the camera is shared with other people. User accounts are allowed to access the live view without the ability to change any of the camera’s settings. Use this option for cameras that are deployed in a homeowner association environment, for a public camera, or to keep friends and family in the loop.

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