NetCamPro Setup Motion Detection On Desktop

Setup Motion Detection using a browser on your PC or Mac. Up to four individual alarm windows can be configured to emphasize special areas in a camera scene that are of interest. The fine tuning of alarm windows is done by carefully adjusting the threshold and sensitivity of each individual alarm window.

Which browser to use?

For best experience and compatibility we recommend using Google Chrome

Log in to the camera

NetCamPro Motion Detection On Desktop 1

Open the browser and access the camera by its IP address.

Where's my Camera's IP Address?

Learn how to Find Camera IP Address.

Task – Motion Detection

NetCamPro Motion Detection On Desktop 2

In the right hand side menu, go to Task, then click on Motion Detection.

Configure the alarm windows

NetCamPro Motion Detection On Desktop 3

Adjust the size of each motion zone by clicking and holding the lower right corner of the alarm window. Once the alarm window has the correct size, click on the light blue alarm window title bar to move it around.

Set up to four motion zones, each with their own size, threshold and sensitivity. Click on Apply Settings to save the new motion zones.

Motion Detection on Desktop

Every camera scene is different and will require subtle adjustments until the desired motion detection is reached.

Motion detection on desktop explains how to use a browser to set and configure the motion zones using the camera’s alarm windows.

Learn more about threshold and sensitivity in the follow up article on Motion Detection Tuning.

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