While look-alikes from the outside, the all new NetCamPro S Model Cameras contain some significant changes over their predecessors.

Protected by the same solid housings, the S models had their image sensor upgraded and a dedicated video codec engine got added.

Tech Talk: S Model Cameras: NCP2475se vs NCP2475e

Sony Exmor IMX323LQN

Improved picture quality at low illumination is strongly demanded of cameras for industrial applications. The IMX323LQN is the first Sony CMOS image sensor for industrial applications to use WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Size Package) technology.

The IMX323LQN has increased sensitivity in the near infrared range as well as the visible light range. This makes it possible to obtain clear images that enable to sufficiently discriminate subjects even under moonlit conditions.

Sony Exmor IMX323LQN

Grain Media GM8136s

The video codec engine of the GM8136S provides an H.264 HP/MP/BL encoder that delivers high-quality video performance with low-bandwidth requirement.

Video capture, display controller, encryption controller, serial I/F controllers, USB 2.0 OTG, and 10/100M Ethernet controller enable the GM8136S to support surveillance applications of cost-effective products.

Grain Media GM8136s Block Diagram

Direct Comparison

Comparing both images it is easy to see the improved dynamic range of the new over the old camera.

Details increase in the darkest and lightest areas of the image making it a clearer and brighter picture at day and during the night.

NetCamPro New vs Old DirectComparison

New vs Old